Muscular decontracting massage

It consists of a deep massage that affects the muscle tissue thanks to different stretching techniques that help to relax and eliminate contractures, the main causes of the most common ailments such as stiff neck, lumbago, backache, headache.

Sports massage 

it is a toning energetic deep muscle massage of the major muscle groups. Thanks to different fast and rebalancing techniques it helps to reduce muscle tension and to soften tissues. It activates blood circulation and prepares the muscle making it more tonic, loose and decontracted. It is suitable for those who perform frequent physical activities like sports and competition preparation.

Relaxing holistic massage

It is a very relaxing massage performed with the use of slow techniques and manual maneuvers that combine all the benefits of different techniques helping to reduce stress and muscle tension. It is called “holistic” because it treats the body in every part, in a comprehensive manner, considering not only an “anatomy” body consisting of blood, lymph, tissues etc., but One and unrepeatable Being, made up of his own particular structure, psyche and energy.

Lymphatic drainage Wodder

Classical therapeutic massage that works through a series of very delicate rhythmic maneuvers (Wodder method) performed to promote the reactivation of the lymphatic system, the elimination of toxins from the tissues and to rebalance and improve emo lymphatic circulation. It deflates legs and abdomen improving and reactivating the natural elimination of fluid that accumulates in fat cells, that so altered, can cause the formation of cellulite. It plays a detoxifying action and it is recommended especially for “expectant mothers” and for people suffering from overweight and water retention.

Therapeutic massage 

Its purpose is to restore (totally or partially) the function of diseased organs through massotherapeutic maneuvers.