Gong Bath

What is a Gong Bath
The Gong Bath is an experience of sounds and vibrations that can allow a meditation experience.
Through letting go completely of the experience, welcoming all the new that manifests itself and abandoning the resistances of the mind with its constant buzz, you can experience a state of spontaneous and profound meditation.
What is Meditation?
Simply observation without judgment.
What is it that allows this?
The production of sounds that between them is not possible to recombine and guide in the form of melody are a source of disorientation for the mind, which cannot foresee what will manifest itself and ceases to produce its constant basic chatter.
All this can take place in waking conditions.
Should the body receive the opportunity to enter sleep, there would be the benefits of reducing stress, rebalancing the nervous system, improving one’s focus.
All supported and enhanced by the rebalancing powers of the sounds / vibrations of the Gongs.

During the session the person will be able to alternate between sleep and waking, that is, from different states of consciousness, since at the cerebral level we will pass from the production of Beta waves (waking state) to Alpha waves (vigilance with closed eyes and transition to sleep ), Theta (NREM and REM sleep) and Delta (deep sleep).

Whether you remain vigilant for the duration or sleep
the experience will still be an opportunity for exploration and self-knowledge,
and consequently of transformation.
The Bath of Sounds will accompany you in a deep space of relaxation
where it will be possible to contact one’s own space of Inner Peace, Emptiness and Silence.

During the Gong Bath, the mind will be free to travel beyond the boundaries of time and ordinary space. The vibrations produced will have a regenerating and harmonizing effect for the whole vibratory body.
What to bring:
It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and to have a personal mattress, pillow and blanket with you to let yourself be lulled into comfort by the sounds and to enjoy total relaxation. Bring water to drink before and after.

For who is the experience:
The Sounds session is suitable for all ages.