Wellbeing and sounds

Gong Baths and massages

The House of the sounds is a Bed and Breakfast that also offers an intimate and protected space for conducting holistic activities.

I wish to offer this space as a meeting place for people in search of themselves and therapists who present their business with free and open access to contribute to personal growth.

It is suitable for small groups up to 10-12 people.

I chose this name because when I arrived here I was struck by the silence. By the time I discovered that the family that had historically inhabited consisted of musicians and singers. Life has brought me closer to music, to the world of the ancestral instruments sound and becoming in turn a musician.

I am  Gong Master and Sound, music and wellness Operator. I offer Gong Baths for small groups and individual treatments.

Regularly I organize small events hosting conductors of different disciplines such as yoga, family constellations, music therapy, shamanic paths and more …

The space offers the possibility to receive Kunje massage with specialized massage therapists and last and not least, music therapy sessions with a certified therapist musician: Tango Therapy and individual tango sessions.

The room measures 36sqm, is soundproofed and heated, can accommodate up to 15 people depending on the activity that takes place there.It is available for smaller residential groups with free access to the house and the terraces or outside groups.